Smart Fragrances is a new type of fragrance company

SmartFragrances is a cutting edge fragrance company. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Rene Morgenthaler and Dan Offermann, the New Jersey-based company designs and produces high quality creative fragrances for fine perfumes, personal care, home care and air care products, as well as comprehensive ambient scenting programs. Through a highly collaborative process, we offer direct access to our Master Perfumer, along with unparalleled service and very competitive pricing, to create remarkable value for our clients.

We created a better way to design fragrances:
  • Rethought to produce real cost savings
  • Provides direct access to, and the support of a renowned Master Perfumer
  • Empowers you to fully participate in the design of your fragrances
  • Utilizes online collaboration to be highly responsive to your needs
  • Offers key strategic partnerships to ensure your specifications are met
We have decades of international fragrance experience in the perfumery industry and our passion has resulted in SmartFragrances.
Don't just settle for any fragrance – insist on SmartFragrances.
Contact us today and learn how we can help you craft a truly unique, cost effective and memorable fragrance.