Rene Morgenthaler
Co-Founder & Master Perfumer

Rene Morgenthaler was born in Geneva Switzerland, where he began his career as an apprentice in chemistry with Givaudan. Shortly after completion of his apprenticeship, he was selected to attend the newly formed Perfumery School at Givaudan.  Over the next several years, Rene rose through the ranks with postings in Switzerland, Argentina and the US – where he became Senior Vice President and Chief Perfumer in 1989.  He continued in this role until 2001, when he took on the challenge of leading the creation group of Givaudan Access (an innovative on-line fragrance and flavor business model) as Global Lead, Fragrance Catalogue.  Rene decided to retire from Givaudan in 2003.  Retirement was short-lived, however, as many companies looked to Rene for his expertise.  As a result, Rene has shared his knowledge and expertise with Mane, Fragrance Resources and Manheimer.  In 2009, he co-founded SmartFragrances LLC, where this Master Perfumer continues with his passion to create new and exciting fragrances.


Dan Offermann
Co-Founder & Director
Dan received a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Iowa State University, and began his career at Atlas Alloys in the Chicago area while attending Dominican University’s Executive MBA Program.  He then moved to the east coast where he was introduced to the fragrance industry by joining Roure (which became Givaudan) in 1989.  Dan started in sales, and then progressed to hold senior management positions in fragrances, flavors and human resources.  He has a wealth of international experience, with postings in the U.S., Asia and Europe.  He was also the Commercial Lead for Givaudan Access (an innovative on-line fragrance and flavor business model) from 2000-2002.  Dan left Givaudan and co-founded SmartFragrances LLC in 2009, where he enjoys creating differentiated value for his customers in the exciting and every changing fragrance industry.